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Our Story

2019 - The Beginning

From a family of fearless entrepreneurs, the journey of All Deals began in the heart of 2019. Like many families, we know that every penny counts, and the little joys matter the most - whether it's a new toy for a birthday, the right diapers for nighttime, or the household items that make a house a home.

2021 - A leap of faith

But every challenge we faced was met with an even greater determination, all because of you - the stay-at-home moms and dads, the hardworking single income families, the charitable givers, who deserve nothing but the best. Inspired by your resilience and the smiles of our own loved ones and community, our founder took a leap of faith, selling his successful online shop to make this dream a reality.

2024, All Deals is born

Today, Alldeals.com is more than just a greate deal site; it's a labor or love, a promise, and a community. A place where families come first, and where every dal is handpicked with care, ensuring you don't have to stretch your budget to provide for your loved ones.

Join our journey

We invite you, with open arms and grateful hearts, to be a part of this journey. Together, we'll create memories, save pennies, and build a community that looks out for one another. Welcome to All Deals, where every bargain feels like a heartfelt gift from our family to yours.

2020 - Freebees takes shape

We started out as "Freebees", a tiny beacon of hope, born out of late nights, early mornings, and countless cups of coffee. Picture us: frantically sending emails, knee deep in countless spreadsheets, fueled by the desire to create a haven for our customers to find the best deals. We faced our fair share of struggles, from sleepless nights, lessons learned the easy (but mostly hard) way, and technical glitches that seemed impossible to resolve.

Elite Rebate, a stepping stone

Fast-forward to 2021, and our dedication led to Eliterebate.com. It was a proud moment, but our ambitious hearts told us there was more to achieve. With your feedback as our guiding star, countless brainstorming sessions, and definitely some tears of frustration and joy, All Deals came into existence.

A labor of love

Joining the All Deals family means being a part of a story - our story of perseverance, your story of love and care, and a shared story of making every day special without breaking the bank.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people shop and engage with deals by creating an extraordinary platform that empowers individuals from all walks of life to:

Save Money

Find Exceptional

Make a Positive Impact

  • We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of deals, a gamified shopping experience, and a catalyst for good, all while fostering inclusivity, transparency, and customer-centricity.

  • Our ultimate goal is to inspire financial freedom, create a vibrant community, and be a force for positive change in the world.


Values & Principles

These values and principles form the foundation of All Deals, guiding our actions, decisions, and interactions as we strive to create an extraordinary platform that goes beyond traditional deal websites and enriches the lives of our users and communities.

Pioneering Excellence

All Deals sets itself apart by exemplifying high moral standards, ethical behavior, and accountability, serving as a role model and inspiration in the industry.

Wholehearted Support

Dedicated to our users' happiness, we prioritize understanding their needs and delivering exceptional value, personalized experiences, and outstanding customer service.

Limitless Innovation

Committed to continuous innovation, we lead the future of online shopping with bold, original thinking, pushing boundaries to enhance the user experience and redefine what a deals website can offer.

Collaborative Connection

At All Deals, we cultivate a dynamic collaborative community, using our platform for collective action and idea exchange, tapping into the synergy of our diverse members to forge a path towards shared success in an inclusive and empowered network.

The Ripple Effect

Committed to positive impact, our platform inspires acts of kindness and charitable support, fostering a ripple effect for a brighter, more compassionate world beyond our virtual walls.

Embracing the Mosaic of Humanity

Committed to inclusivity, our platform values and celebrates diverse perspectives, fostering unity and a shared sense of purpose.

Immersive Fun

Shopping should be enjoyable, exciting, and memorable. We're making this happen by incorporating gamification and interactive features, inviting our community to embrace moments of pure bliss.

Financial Empowerment

Dedicated to financial empowerment, we provide individuals with the knowledge and resources to take control of their financial lives, fostering economic well-being and long-term stability.