Last Updated: [December 2023]

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how All Deals (“Company,” “We,” “Us,” “Our”) gathers, uses, discloses, and protects User (“User”, “You”, “Your”) information in relation to the Company website, browser extension, mobile applications, mobile website (“Site” or “Website”), and any other associated services that link or refer to this Policy (“Service” or “Services”). By continuing to use this Site, You hereby acknowledge that you accept and understand the terms of this Policy. If You do not agree to the terms herein, Your sole remedy is to stop using this Site immediately.

  1. Information Collection.
    1. How We Collect Data and Information. We use, gather, and process Your data whenever You do any of the following: (i) engage with Our Services; (ii) register to use Our Services; (iii) access or install Our Services through Our browser extension, mobile application, or other applications; (iv) reach out to Us for support; (v) interact with Our Services through email accounts, business partners, social media accounts, or other third parties; (vi) Respond to a survey or poll; or (vii) enter a contest, promotion, or sweepstakes. As such, We are entitled to collect Your data when You directly provide certain information, data, or otherwise to Us. We obtain information and data about You automatically by using “cookies”, log processes, location technology, and other tracking technology when You install Our browser extension, install Our mobile application, or use Our Services online. Third parties may also collect Your information and data, including when You connect to Our Services through a business partner site, third-party service, or other affiliated entity.
    2. Types of Data and Information We Collect. We may collect the following types of personal information about You:
      1. Any personally identifying information that You directly supply to Us through Our Services, which may include Your first and last name, email address, postal address, phone number, and tax information as required for sweepstakes, promotions, or contests;
      2. Any personally identifying information We gather through Your use of Our Services, including IP addresses, device identifiers, system configuration information (including device, session IDs, and operating systems), and any connected hardware information (related to Your computer, device, or carrier);
      3. Records of customer information, including payment information like account names, account numbers, and card billing addresses and expiration dates.
      4. Classification characteristics that are protected, including age, gender, marital status, household income, or any other included classification information protected under California law, but only demographic information that You provide in a direct survey response which You can identify;
      5. Commercial information about Your product or Service purchasing, viewing, clicking, or visiting history in connection with Our Services, including transaction history, loyalty currency information (such as cash-back), and information relating to merchants, products, and coupons You searched for, viewed, or clicked.
      6. Network and internet activity (for example search history, browsing history, and use of Our Services), including: (1) anything you search, click, view, and/or otherwise engage with, including those actions conducted on merchant sites visited by way of Our mobile application; (2) website URLs You visited, including URLs tracked by Our browser extension; (3) date and time information related to Your searching, browsing, and clicking activity; (4) clickstream information, which tracks what You click on as You move from page to page using Our Services, including any website You visited prior to visiting Our Site; and (5) should You choose to sign into Our Services or create an account for Our Services through Google or another linked email account, Your email Inbox Material.
      7. Location information, including geolocation if Your device is set to share it as well as location preferences You provide while using Our Services;
      8. Audio information, including voice audio recordings from phone calls to Us as allowable by law; and
      9. Our own conclusions from the information We collect about you, including assumptions regarding Your conduct, personal characteristics, preferences, and attitudes.


All data and information described in this Section 1b(i)-(ix), shall hereinafter be referred to collectively as “Information”, or “Personal Information.”


  1. Use of Information We Collect. Any Information We gather from or about You may be used for commercial and business purposes, including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Providing Services and Account Management. We are entitled to collect Your Information to provide Our Services and better manager Your account, including, but not limited to, purposes such as: (i) ensuring Your email address is active and valid, enroll you in Our Services, and otherwise process Your registration for Our Services; (ii) track Your preferences and transaction history as well as oversee Your Services account, such as monitoring Your favorite stores, merchants, and preferred locations as well as Your transaction history; (iii) oversee Your purchase transactions and/or orders; (iv) provide rewards and/or payments as well as opportunities for rewards and other offers; (v) send relevant messages and updates to You, including those related to security and the management and technical operation of Our Services, and; (vi) deliver account support and get back to You regarding any requests, inquiries, or comments.
  2. Service Enhancement and Personalization. In order to customize Our Services to Your preferences to ensure that Your experience using Our Services is of interest to You, We may use Your Information to help tailor Our Services to You specifically. For instance, Your purchase or visit history can be used to provide more personalized offers, such as those for stores similar to those You have previously purchased from as well as those we believe may be of interest to You, online or in-store. If Your Services account is created through Google or another linked email account, We are entitled to use the Information from email content from any linked inbox, including purchase and order history, (“Inbox Material”) to personalize Your experience on Our Services and to verify Your eligibility for User Commission (as defined in Our Terms of Use []) more efficiently. We will comply with the Google API Services User Information Policy (, including any requirements related to Limited Use. If You wish to alter Inbox Material settings, You can do so as later described in the terms of this Policy. Additionally, any Information We gather about You may also be used to help track tendencies and carry out statistical analyses to help improve Our Services, including the products and services of Our business partners, Websites, applications, and marketing efforts.
  3. Marketing. We are entitled to use Your Information, excluding Inbox Material, to help tailor Our Services to You, including providing customized offers, discounts, newsletters, reward offers, promotion codes, targeted advertising on third-party websites, Information about Our Services, as well as offers from merchants, which We may communicate to You via email, online advertising, or other means. You are permitted to manage how We communicate with You in relation to Our marketing efforts, such as opting out of specific uses of Your Information, specifically for targeted advertising. The terms provided herein are subject to those rights granted to California residents, relating to California residents and opting out of targeted advertising, as discussed in this Policy.
  4. Protection. Any information We gather may be used to look into and minimize fraudulent or malicious activity in Our Services, enhance Our security procedures, and evaluate threats or risks. Any Information We gather may also be used in asserting or defending Our legal rights against outside parties.
  5. Applicable Law Compliance. Any Information We gather may be used to help Us comply with any applicable laws, rules, regulations, and judicial authorities in every geographic area in which We offer Our Services.
  6. Sweepstakes, Contests, Surveys, Promotions, and Polls Administration. Should You participate in any of Our sweepstakes, contests, surveys, promotions, or polls, Your Information may be used to help carry out such a program, including, but not limited to, the determination of eligibility or delivering a reward from such program. Any survey or poll feedback You choose to provide to Us will be disassociated with Your account and shall be used to help Us gather Information on developments in shopping trends or other insights.
  7. Referral Program Administration. Should You participate in Our referral program, You will provide Your referral’s email address so that We can invite the referral to use Our Services by way of email. The Information You provide will only be used to send this invitation and oversee Our referral program’s success. By participating in Our referral program, You represent and warrant that You are personally associated with the person You are referring and that You are authorized to provide their personal Information to Us so that We can invite them to use Our Services. If You believe that someone You know has provided Us with your Information and You do not wish for Us to have that Information, please reach out to Us at [[email protected]] so that We can remove your Information from Our system.


3. Disclosure for Commercial and Business Purposes. We are entitled to disclose Information for commercial and business purposes, including, but not limited to the following parties:

  1. Service Providers. Any of Your Information We gather may be shared with third parties, including, but not limited to, Company affiliates, who conduct business for Us or on Our behalf, all in compliance with appropriate security measures to ensure that Your Information is protected from any unauthorized use. This includes partnering with third parties to provide You Our Services and other programs such as support services, payment processing, referral programs, sweepstakes and promotions, surveys and polls, analytics, information base maintenance, authentication services, marketing and communication services, gift card purchasing, product and order fulfillment, reward and payment programs, and the prevention of fraudulent activity on Our Services.
  2. Business Partners. In order to provide You with Our User Commission shopping Services, We may share Your Information, as specified below, with the following third-party business partners:
    1. Affiliate Partners. While using our Services, when You access a merchant site through a link to begin Your User Commission shopping and thus indicate that You want to interact with a business through Our Services, You thus allow Us to share specific Information about You with an affiliate network so that We can oversee Your purchases. This includes Information that helps Us track Your shopping activity, such as the link You clicked while using Our Services and the tracking ID assigned to You to verify that Your interaction with that merchant came from Our Services. However, We are entitled to disclose Information directly to merchants who do not use an affiliate network. Affiliate partners may collect internet and network activity Information, with the exception of Inbox Material, regarding Your use of Our Services in relation to their site, products, or offers, which may be used either by the affiliate partner to track Your shopping or to develop its own user profiles, or by the affiliate partner’s clients. As such, the disclosure of certain Information to affiliate partners may constitute a “sale” of Your Information as defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”). Thus, as described by the terms of this Policy, California consumers may opt-out of allowing this Information disclosure to affiliate partners, except to the extent necessary to carry out Our Services and provide You User Commission through that affiliate partner. If You are a California resident, specifically targeted and personalized offers We provide via Our Services to benefit certain merchants may constitute a “sale” of Your personal Information under CCPA, in which case You may opt-out.
    2. Referral Marketing Partners. We may share Your Information with particular referral marketing partners so that We can increase the ways in which You are able to learn about and sign up for Our Services through third- party sites to begin Your User Commission shopping. For instance, We may share Your Information with a third-party business partner if You discover Our Services through that third-party website in order to authenticate the referral and activate Your account on Our Services. We may also share Information related to Your recent purchases or browser extension or mobile application usage with partners in order for partners to also be able to personalize their site content for You. Again, if You are a California resident, You may opt-out as described in the terms of this Policy, as this disclosure may constitute a “sale” of your personal Information under CCPA.
    3. Financial Partners. We are entitled to share Your Information with financial business partners for the purpose of marketing and providing other redemption alternatives for Your User Commission if applicable, which may include All Deals related companies. We are entitled to disclose Your Information with financial partners to facilitate transactions if You choose to receive Your User Commission through loyalty points or other alternatives made available to You by Us. We may also disclose Your Information to Our financial partners if You wish to obtain information from those financial partners so that they can provide that Information to You. Information disclosed to financial partners to aid their marketing efforts may constitute a “sale” of Your personal Information under the CCPA. Again, if you are a California resident, you may opt-out of targeted marketing, as discussed in the terms of this Policy.
  3. Digital Advertising Providers. To help Us advertise and market Our Services on other websites, third parties may automatically obtain internet and network activity Information relating to Your usage of Our Services, including browsing history, clicked links, and pages visited. This Information, including, but not limited to any Information related to Your online activities across different websites, may then also be used by these third parties for their own purposes, such as anticipating Your preferences and showing You advertisements displayed by them or other third parties, that may be of interest to You. This Policy, however, does not cover the usage of Your Information by third parties. Please visit if You are not interested in allowing Your Information to be used for interest-related advertising. Information disclosed with third parties for purposes of targeted advertising may constitute a “sale” of Your personal Information under the CCPA. If You are a California resident, You may opt-out of targeted advertising, as discussed in the terms of this Policy.
  4. Other All Deals Companies. We work in conjunction with Our closely affiliated companies and businesses and provide Your Information for purposes of internal business administration. Of those previously discussed business partners with whom Your Information is shared by Us, some may include Our own associated companies. We are also entitled to share certain personal Information, including, but not limited to, email address, metrics of products, and network and internet activity, excluding any inbox data, with any of Our associated companies or affiliates. Sharing such Information shall be for the purposes of Our corporate partners and affiliates to monitor and analyze any trends in usage to further improve their website and services, as well as for planning on a strategic level for Our All Deals associated companies. To remove Yourself from this form of sharing, You are entitled to use Our Do Not Sell My Personal Information Opt Out Request functionality which can be found at
  5. All Deals Login Functions. Should we, at any time, make available a program that allows Your login process to be connected through a single function, by sharing your Information with Our affiliated companies (“All Deals ID”), Your information shall only be shared with such affiliated companies where You so choose to utilize and connect to this provided function. Upon connecting to an affiliated site that utilizes the All Deals ID function, You are explicitly authorizing and directing Us to share Your Information with the affiliated company. The Information that shall be shared with such companies includes profile information, such as username, password, and email address, and other necessary payment and identification Information, such as address and first and last name, that may be stored in Our Service through the All Deals ID function. However, so long as You do not connect to another associated All Deals company that uses the All Deals ID function, such aforementioned Information shall only be distributed to Our immediate parent company, All Deals. Should you wish to discontinue the use of Our All Deals ID function on any of the participating sites, You may contact Us directly at [[email protected]] for a comprehensive list of all associated sites and services that have access to Your All Deals ID Information, so that You may contact such services and sites directly.


4. Disclosure for Legal Purposes. We are entitled to disclose Information We gather, including personal Information, to the extent permissible under the applicable laws of the relevant jurisdiction, (i) in responding to any legal processes (including subpoenas) or if, in Our good faith opinion, that disclosure is necessitated or allowable by law without a specific disclosure; (ii) in compliance with governmental authorities in the performance of an investigation; (iii) for the enforcement of Our terms and conditions or other Service-related policies; and (iv) to protect Our rights, safety, health, security, property, and life or those of any third party.


5. Disclosure for Transfers of Business Assets. Your Information may be disclosed with third parties in connection with or related to any potential or actual acquisition, merger, purchase, sale, including, but not limited to, liquidation, realization, foreclosure, or repossession, or other forms of acquisition of all or any portion of Company assets as well as the transfer or conveyance of all or a portion of Our business to another company. In these cases, the involved third-party company is contractually obligated to abide by this Policy as well as any applicable laws in the use of Your Information, unless it provides You notice of any new or materially different practices in the use of Your information. We also may disclose Information that is not reasonably identifiable as Your Information, or that has been aggregated.


6. Updating Account. In order to ensure that the Information You provide to Us on Our Services is accurate, please log into Your account to update Your Information in the relevant account settings.


7. Communications Preferences

    1. Email Marketing. You may receive digital and physical mail communication from Us, such as promotional communications, when You register for an account through Our Site. Should You wish to opt-out of receiving these communications, You are permitted to do so by following the instructions provided in those communications, changing Your account settings, or contacting Us directly. If You opt-out of receiving these communications, We may still send You communications that are non-promotional in nature, as allowable by law, including communication related to Your account, such as order confirmations, payment information, reward updates, or replies to any questions or feedback You submit to Us, and communication related to Our continued relationship in the Services We provide to You through Our Site.
    2. Mobile Application Notifications. Our browser extension and mobile application may be configured to Your notification preferences in the relevant settings, such as controlling push notifications and alerts.
    3. SMS Messaging. If You provide Your mobile phone number and agree to receive mobile messaging, We may use SMS messaging to contact You for account and support-related purposes, including account maintenance, customer support, and account recovery updates. You may remove Your mobile phone number from Your account settings or reply STOP to messages received on Your mobile phone if You wish to opt out of these messages.
  2. Information Collection and Sharing Preferences. There may be some circumstances in which You are able to refrain from disclosing certain Information to Us. Your failure to provide Us with certain Information, however, may affect Your continued use of Our Services and any related features previously made available to You when such missing information is necessary for the functionality of a part or feature of Our Services.
  3. Inbox Linking. If You wish to unlink Your email account from Our Services, You are permitted to do so by turning off the connection or updating Your email information in Your account settings. After You unlink an email account from Our Services, We will not gather Inbox Material from that account.
  4. Mobile App/Browser Extension. When installed, Our browser extension and mobile application allow Information relating to Your online behavior on the browser or device to be gathered. If You wish, You may prevent this Information from being gathered by uninstalling the browser extension or mobile application. In some cases, You may be able to opt-out of specific types of Information collection through the browser extension or mobile device Settings.


8. Notice to Residents of California. This section applies only to residents of California. If You are a California resident, You have specific rights relating to Your Information, subject to exceptions, under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”).

  1. Right to Know and Access. You have the right to know and access Your personal Information that We have gathered, used, shared for business purposes, and sold during the previous 12 months. This includes source categories from which We acquired Your Information and the types of third parties with whom we shared Your Information for business purposes or to whom we have otherwise sold Your Information. You have the right to request in writing from Us, copies of the following Information We gather that is unique to You: (i) categories of Information We gathered about You over the previous 12 months; (ii) the particular personal Information We have gathered about You, with the exception of sensitive personal Information We may retain in responding to such a request; (iii) the source categories from which We acquired Your Information; (iv) the purpose of the gathering of such Information about You; (v) the types of third parties to whom We disclosed Your Information, including whether We shared that Information for a business purpose; (v) the categories of Information We shared with which third parties; and (vi) whether or not We sold Your Information.
  2. Right to Request Deletion. Subject to specific exceptions, You have the right to ask Us to remove any Information We have gathered from You or keep about You in Our system. If You ask that We remove Your personal Information, We will do so to the extent that the Information removed is not necessary for business purposes and the Information maintained is done so within Our legal right, in which case You will be informed.
  3. Right to Opt-Out of Sale of Your Personal Information. The sharing of Information about You with merchant partners, third parties, or affiliates for the purpose of providing You benefits and rewards or targeted marketing, may constitute a “sale” of your personal Information under the CCPA to the extent that We receive monetary or other consideration for doing so. You have the right to opt-out of the “sale” of Your Information in this form, by clicking the following: []. If You are a member, You can exercise Your Information privacy rights by visiting []. Please be aware that We may be unable to offer You portions of Our Services which necessitate the sharing of certain Information to the extent You opt-out. Should You have questions, you may reach out to Us at [[email protected]].
  4. Right to Non-Discrimination. If You exercise any rights applicable under the CPPA, We will not discriminate against You. If You request to know, access, or remove Your Information or opt-out of its sale, We will not do any of the following, unless otherwise allowed by the CCPA: (i) deny You products or Services; (ii) charge You different prices for products or Services, including the granting of discounts or benefits or imposing penalties of any kind; (iii) give You a different level of quality of products or Services; or (iv) insinuate that You may receive a different rate, price, or level of quality for products or Services.
  5. Implementing Your CCPA Rights to Know, Access, and Request Deletion. If you wish to exercise Your privacy rights under the CCPA, please email us at [[email protected]], so that We can verify Your identity. If there is a problem in verifying Your identity based on the Information We have on file, We may ask for further Information for the sole purpose of verifying Your identity, maintaining security, or preventing fraud.
  6. Agents. Requests related to Your Information can only be made by You or another person legally authorized to act on Your behalf. In the instance that an agent makes a request on your behalf, We may require proof from You that the agent is authorized or that the agent has the power of attorney in connection with the request. Additionally, in these circumstances, We may require that You independently verify Your identity.


Note that We are not obligated to respond more than twice every calendar year to requests to know or access personal Information.


9. International Data Notice to Non-US Residents. This Site and its servers are located and operated in the United States. Those Users outside of the United States should recognize that the Personal Information collected will be transmitted to the United States from the User’s country of origin. Excluding those Personal Information transfers that are governed by the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, should You decide to permit Us to collect Your Personal Information or provide Us with Your Personal Information, such will serve as Your acceptance and consent of this collected Personal Information being transferred.


10. Your Rights Under the GDPR. The GDPR, effective as of 2018, protects the Personal Information of Users located within the European Economic Area (EEA), which means they are within the member states and member countries of the European Union (EU) at the time of the Site’s use. If You are within the EU, You have the right to certain Information and specific rights under the GDPR. Details on GDPR compliance can be found here. ( Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), those rights include:

  1. Term of Data Maintenance. We will keep the Personal Information You have given Us unless the earlier of: (i.) You ask us to delete your Personal Information (Art. 17(1) GDPR) or (ii.) We conclude We don’t need Your Personal Information anymore (Art. 17(1)(a) GDPR) or (iii.) We decide the value in retaining the Personal Information is outweighed by the costs of retaining it (Art. 17(1)(c)). Under the GDPR, You are entitled to ask that We delete any or all Personal Information about You in a timely fashion. However, this right may be subject to certain limitations that could result in the termination of Your account or restrict Your access to Our Site, including, but not limited to, (a) when keeping Your Personal Information may be required by law or required for compliance with certain legal obligations (Art. 17(3)(b) GDPR), (b) where it may be necessary to maintain Your Personal Information for relevant legal claims or associated defenses (Art. 17(3)(e) GDPR), and (c) where it may be necessary for practicing or exercising a right to freedom of Information and expression (Art. 17(3)(a)) GDPR).
  2. Data Requests and Changes. You have the right to access the Personal Information We store (Art. 15 GDPR), the right to rectify such Personal Information (Art. 16 GDPR), and the rights to delete Your Personal Information at any time (Art. 17 GDPR). You are entitled to alter the scope of Your consent of which Personal Information We can retain and how We are permitted to use such Personal Information. When exercising this right, it may be necessary for Us to delete Your account on Our Site or otherwise limit Your access to the features and Content on Our Site. Further, You are entitled to ask for a digital copy of any Personal Information that We have about You, free of charge per the first request, and subject to a reasonable fee for any requests beyond the first (Art. 12 GDPR).
  3. Complaints. You can file a complaint to a supervising authority that has jurisdiction over GDPR issues. Subject to having an EU residency, and only in the member state of Your residence, place of business, or where the alleged wrong has occurred, You are entitled to notify a superior authority of Your dissatisfaction should You believe that We are using Your Personal Information improperly or in a way that infringes upon any of Your rights law or under this Policy. Users that do not reside in the EU are entitled to the rights and protection provided by the relevant jurisdictional laws of their residency (Art. 3 GDPR).
  4. Necessary Information Only. You have the right to provide Us with only Personal Information that is required to enter a contract and/or transaction with Us. We will not require that You consent to any unnecessary processing as a way to compel You to enter into a contract with Us.
  5. Processing. You can request restrictions on the processing of Your Personal Information. Further, You have the right to prohibit Us from processing Your Personal Information moving forward even if You provided consent to Our processing of Your Personal Information; however, past processing of Your Personal Information shall not be considered unlawful. You may be entitled to limit the extent of Your Personal Information’s processing in appropriate circumstances, including when You have objected to such processing or when You are in the process of rectifying, contesting, or correcting the validity and accuracy of Your Personal Information. Where You have adequately requested a restriction on the processing of Your Personal Information, We will no longer transmit Your Personal Information to third-party processors unless We have obtained Your consent; this right is limited only by necessity to protect the rights of You, Our Site, or other Users or to comply with legal obligations. However, We will continue to store Your Personal Information. Though doing so may result in the cancellation of Your account or further limitations on Your access to Our Site, You are entitled to restrict processing of Your Personal Information by Us, altogether.
  6. Transfer of Data. You are permitted to assert the right of portability of Your Personal Information. Unless doing so would subject Us to unreasonable or undue burden, You are entitled to request that Your Personal Information be gathered and transferred by Us, in an interoperable and machine readable format, to another party or controller.
  7. Communications. We will only require Your Personal Information that is reasonably necessary to enter into a contract with Us. We will not demand that You provide any unnecessary Personal Information as a condition of entering into a contract with Us.
    1. Marketing. You are entitled to request that no third-party communications are transmitted to You and that no third-party marketers have Your Personal Information for their own marketing purposes. To do so, You may contact Us at [[email protected]].
    2. Email. You are entitled to request that We engage in no further email communications with You. This can be done by selecting the appropriate box upon registration for an account or other engagement with Us. You are also entitled to alter Your communication settings at any time by contacting Us at [[email protected]].
    3. Un-Subscription. If You wish to unsubscribe from Our emailing list, You are permitted to email Us at [[email protected]] and We will process Your request promptly. However, We may use the Mailchimp or Hubspot email marketing/management system; therefore, unsubscribing from one list or set of emails might not unsubscribe You from all future emails. Please email Us at [[email protected]] if You have any issues unsubscribing and We will promptly unsubscribe You.


11. Our Promise Under the GDPR. To ensure Our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), We hereby promise to do the following: (i) comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws pertaining to the security and furthered protection of Your Personal Information; (ii) refrain from collecting Personal Information beyond that which is necessary and provided for in this Policy; (iii) process Your Personal Information transparently, fairly, and legally; (iv) collect Personal Information only for explicit, legitimate, and specific purposes and limit any processing that is unnecessary; (v) where applicable, keep Your Personal Information confidential, accurate, and up to date to the best of Our reasonable abilities; (vi) effectively monitor and screen employees or independent contractors that may be granted access to Your Personal Information for reliability and trustworthiness, requiring confidentiality agreements with any employees or independent contractors, and limiting employees and contractors only to those that are reasonably necessary to comply with Our obligations and the law under this Policy; (vii) use reasonable care to protect and secure Your Personal Information by adding organizational and technical measures to the operation and business of this Site as necessary; (viii) notify You should We receive any legal subpoena or request of access for information that includes Your Personal Information, (ix) notify You should We become aware of any data breach that could have compromised Your Personal Information’s security and integrity; and (x) observe Your right to see any of Your Personal Information that We may have collected and rectify, modify, or correct it if necessary, and recognize any further request, within a reasonable time period, to see Your Personal Information.


12. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Under United States federal law, We are not permitted to collect any Personal Information or otherwise from children younger than thirteen (13) years of age. Though Our Site is not meant to be used by children younger than thirteen (13), this Policy’s rules apply to children in the United States, so long as they have obtained consent from a parent or guardian. Unless there is parental consent, We will not knowingly accept children’s registrations. As a parent of a child younger than thirteen (13), You are required to oversee Your child’s usage of this Site and provide consent if necessary. If You are a child in the United States that is younger than thirteen (13) years of age, please talk to Your parents or legal guardian before You, using, or continuing to use, Our Site. Should You have any reason to believe or suspect that a User is under the age of thirteen (13), please notify Us promptly at [email protected], and We will take best efforts to ensure that any Personal Information is removed from Our Site or database. For further information on COPPA compliance, please visit ( proceedings/childrens-online-privacy-protection-rule)


13. CAN-SPAM ACT OF 2003. The CAN-SPAM Act is a United States law that sets out rules for commercial emails and allows recipients to opt out of unwanted commercial emails and details the consequences for violating the CAN-SPAM Act. A detailed list and description of the CAN-SPAM requirements can be found here: ( center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business). We comply with the following pursuant to CAN-SPAM Act:

  1. Headers. We do not include false or misleading information in Our headers. We make sure there is accurate identifying Information of the person or business who initiated the message
  2. Subject Lines. We do not have deceptive email subject lines. The subject lines in Our emails accurately reflect what is within the email.
  3. Email Advertisement. We communicate that any message is an advertisement in a reasonable manner, if such is the case.
  4. Contact Information. All of Our emails will include Our contact Information, including Our physical address, Company name, and email address.
  5. Opt-Out. We allow Users to opt out of receiving future emails from Us. Our Users are able to unsubscribe from future emails at the bottom of each email and We must honor this request within ten (10) business days of the request. Once Users opt out of receiving emails, We are not able sell or transfer the email addresses anymore.
  6. Third-Party Involvement. We monitor what is being done with Users’ email Information if a third party is in charge of email marketing. If We hire a third-party email marketing company, We will keep a close eye to make sure Our Users’ email Information is being lawfully handled.


14. Other Notices

  1. Request Information. California residents are allowed to request specific details about how their Information is disclosed to third parties for purposes of direct marketing, however, We do not disclose your Information to third parties for their own direct marketing purposes.
  2. Do Not Track. We do not presently take any action to respond to Do Not Track signals due to the lack of a universally observed and accepted technological standard.
  3. Retention of Information. We may retain Your Information for as long as necessary to satisfy the purposes discussed in the terms of this Policy. Even after You request that Information be removed from Our systems, some of Your Information may be retained for purposes of complying with the law, collecting owed payments, resolving disputes, enforcing legal rights, or for other internal and lawful uses that are reasonably in line with consumer expectations or the situation in which the Information was provided, and to conduct any investigations as may be necessary.
  4. Information Security. In order to protect and secure Your Personal Information, and to the extent appropriate in light of the risk associated with sharing such Information, We have put organizational and technical security measures into place, which are intended to protect Users’ confidentiality and maintain the integrity of such Information. We regularly evaluate these measures to ensure that they continue to uphold and apply an appropriate level of security regarding the Information We gather.


15. Changes to This Privacy Policy. This Policy is current as of the effective date provided at the top of this Policy. We reserve the right to alter this Privacy Policy as We deem necessary, consistent with applicable laws and principles. If changes are made to this Policy, You shall be notified by Us. We are entitled to provide additional notifications in certain circumstances, such as communications by way of email or a statement on the homepage of Our Site.


16. Contact Us. Please contact Us with any questions concerning this Policy:
All Deals
Attn: Terms of Use Notice
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
[email protected]